"The Grill Is The Thrill"

Asian Style Country Ribs
Asian Style Country Ribs
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I am "Homegrown Chef" from Illinois who is getting a chance to live my dream! I am truly passionate about food, it is where I am the happiest. I am a Master of Modern-American Peasant food. I fancy mysef a "Localvore" and believe the best ingredients are one you grow, raise, or harvest from the wild yourself. You don't always have to have gourmet ingredients to create a gourmet meal!

If you tuned in on FOX this past June 6th to watch MasterChef Season 2, I was one of 100 amateur cooks to compete in the 2011 season!

        I made it to the top 16!
This website is designed to not only be entertaining but to also be educational. Our "ChalkbBoard" page will be updated weekly as a video "Cookbook" with detailed instructions, pictures and video footage of my creations. We will provide you with a grocery list, step-by-step instructions so that you too can create an amazing meal with no guess work.

We will have a whole page dedicated to my line of dry rubs which will be available in the very near future. Stay tuned for this feature coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this site and this is a work in progress which will change frequently so check in often for the latest updates.

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Chef Tony Scruggs

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