"The Grill Is The Thrill"


 Chef Tony Scruggs For as long as I can remember I have always loved to cook, from being a small boy standing on a chair stirring the pot of sauce in my sicilian grandmothers kitchen in Chicago, to steaming crabs at my family's seafood restaurant in southern Maryland. My parents enjoyed cooking and shared the passion of pleasing family and friends with the power of food with me. My dad let me command the grill at a very young age doing steaks, chicken and burgers on the old pre kettle style grill, after school I would make my friends snacks that rivaled their mothers dinners. Even when I was a boy scout I was camp cook. Throughout the course of my life my interest and talent evolved with a huge focus on the grill in the form of competetive bbq. I have always entered cooking contests and have aquired many trophies, ribbons and certificates in many areas of cooking from meat to fish. At this stage of my life passion for food is a driving force that I embrace with vigor as I search out the freshest and in season ingredients, I find that the best things to eat are

what you grow, raise or harvest from the wild. Living in a rural community gives me access to the best produce, meat, game, and foraged edibles. My philosophy is go have fun in the kitchen don't look at it as a chore, embrace the time you get to create meals that are more than gaining sustenance but take it to the level of having a dining experience. As a chef you have the responsibility to be the vessel between the earth's bounty and the diner, everything you eat whether it be the chicken in the supermarket or the asparagus growing in the ditch is a gift that was once alive and should be treated with the respect that it was once a living thing, I do my best to ensure that it was not harvested in vain. Cooking can be so rewarding giving you a chance to experiment, be creative, and express your artistic flair. The greatest reward is when your family and friends have that experience that you were trying to achieve and realize your vision, it is instant gratification. Hopefully you will enjoy the visions I wish to share with you and always...




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