"The Grill Is The Thrill"


3506 N. Clark Street - Chicago, Illinois 60657

Chef Tony Scruggs
Exectutive Chef

It was an honor to be invited as Executive Chef Tony's guests to tryout the new restaurant. My wife Connie, myself and our good friends, Kim and Valgene journeyed out for the trip to Chicago on Sunday evening. We were suprised on how close the restaurant was located near Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Perfect location.

As we entered the restaurant, the enticing aroma of smoked barbeque in the air was welcoming to us as we were all good and hungry. We were greeted by staff in the main lobby area and  were told that they were expecting us and that our table was ready. We walked through the restaurant noticing the rustic look throughout the diningroom including the tables and chairs which we were told were all made on site with old barn wood including the chairs that were made of the same wood as the tables and rustic steel backrests.

A real smokehouse barbeque atmosphere. Large dining areas and huge bar with plenty of large screen tv's plus the super large screen made of 12 72" big screens. What a great way to watch football.

Chef Tony arrived at our table to greet us and immediately began our tour of the restaurant.
He showed us the smoker and how he steps on a foot button to raise the trays on a chain driven lift. He opened the smoker and the aroma was awesome, smoke pouring out and the selections of beef were by appearance, mouthwatering to say the least.

The custom written menu that Tony has worked on for about 1 1/2 years when the plans to start this restaurant was presented to us. Many great choices for sure. The detail of what was going to be on the menu, the training of the staff to do it right and of course the major contruction project to build this wonderful well designed building, which also has a retractible roof to open up a patio in the North dining room and soon to be a garden dining area on the roof, has all taken time but has proven the wait was well worth it!

Chef Tony asked what on the menu looked appealing to us, we unanimously said "Everything" and he replied with, "I'll bring you a little of everything." Whoosh! That was all it took. What a meal fit for a king. We had brisket, egg rolls made with pulled-pork and slaw, smoked peel-n-eat shrimp with his own shrimp sauce, an amzing blend of 3 different cheeses in the macaroni and cheese dish, cornbread with and without jalapenos and a honey pecan butter sauce to top it off, deep fried ribs, hand-cut french fries with his very own secret seasonings,  beer-can chicken, which desolved in our mouths, a slab of smoked ribs that were absolutely the best I have ever had.

A wonderful evening is what this was. A great new restaurant for sure and together with a awesome chef, Tony Scruggs, this place will be a new favorite for many people who make the visit. A well worth the trip from the Kankakee area and many more visits by us to come.

Thank You Chef Tony for an unforgettable night out and a great dining experiance!


Dennis R. Granger

Chef Tony Scruggs



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